Athletic Greens Ingredients The Inside Knowledge

Athletic Greens Ingredients And What They Can Do For You

althletic greens ingredients Are you serious about your health and nutrition? In that case, you really need to pay particular attention to the Athletic Greens ingredients. The truth is that you would be hard pressed to find the same blend of ingredients in any other supplement powder or formulation. If, you are considering investing in a supplement powder, it could be a good idea to read the product label before you go ahead and order.   Understanding a product label of health food supplements is just as important as understanding a food label. Yes, you may be dealing with smaller quantities of micro minerals, and you should always remember the two golden rules of natural health supplements. athletic greens order

The Two Golden Rules of Natural Health Supplements

First of all, it is important to appreciate that a good quality supplement should not just consist of one main ingredient. A supplement such as Athletic Greens can work on many levels, and it is vital to to ensure that it contains the right blend of ingredients. At the end of the day, natural ingredients support each other and work together as a team. The second part to the rule golden rule is to remember that less is often more. We are all fairly familiar with Einstein and his theory of energy, a small amount of matter equals a great amount of energy. This is how all natural medicines and supplements work. Even if we look at the science of homeopathy, the ultimate energy healing system, and acupuncture, we quickly realize that less is more. Instead of working against the body, and effectively shocking the body into healing itself, natural medicine heals step by step and slower. The end result is a long lasting recovery, and the better health will prevail for a longer period of time. athletic greens order

So, what is on the list of the ingredients of Athletic Greens which is so vital?

Micro Minerals mean better health If, you look closely at the product label of Athletic Greens, you will find that it is packed with micro minerals. Nutritional deficiencies related to micro minerals are very difficult to detect in both blood and saliva tests. This is why doctors often look for signs and symptoms in patient.


Potassium is one of the most common micro deficiencies that a lot of people suffer. This mineral is directly linked to energy, and better health. Our bodies cannot function without potassium, and a good level helps us to regulate our blood pressure, and our heartbeat. As a matter of fact, most people who suffer from high blood pressure, have a deficiency in this mineral. It also helps to regulate hormones, and can explain why so many women during and after the menopause need a supplement of potassium. Symptoms of a potassium are tiredness, weakness, low energy and excessive thirst. It can mainly be found in raw plant based foods, dried and fermented fruit and vegetables, are richer in potassium than other foods.


Zinc can really rock your world, and a lack of it can completely ruin your health. It is a vital part of healthy enzyme production, and will help your body to digest food. The immune system needs a steady supply of zinc to function well, and even the slightest deficiency, can increase the risk of infection.


Sodium is vital for health as well. We often think of sodium as a negative mineral, but it is best friends with potassium, and helps to regulate the body’s fluids. Crucially, it also helps to control muscle and nerve function. athletic greens order


Without the micro mineral phosphorus, our cells cannot release energy and in Athletic Greens, it is one of the key components. The product actually contains 57 mg of which is only about 6% of the daily recommended value, but we do absorb a lot of this mineral in our daily diet. However, it is worth noting that a deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, and phosphorus help to control calcium levels. A diet rich in soft drinks, fats and processed meat, can quickly lead to a deficiency of phosphorus.


Getting enough magnesium in our diet is a problem for most of us. It is found in a narrow range of raw foods, and it can be a good idea to take a supplement such as Athletic Greens to top up your magnesium levels. There are at least 100 different enzymes in our body that cannot function properly without magnesium, and many of them are digestive enzymes. In other words, enzymes which turns our food into energy for our body.


Calcium helps to build healthy bones, but is only an important factor in cell structure. When our cells have a good positive cell structure, we are less likely to suffer from disease and low energy levels. It takes a lot of energy to repair and maintain damaged cells. When the body does not get enough calcium in the diet, it starts to breakdown the bones to obtain the calcium which it needs.

Copper and manganese

Copper and manganese can also be found in Athletic Greens. Copper helps to support enzymes in the body, and more importantly, it fights of free radicals that can so easily cause severe damage. It helps the body to absorb iron from food, and a deficiency in copper can lead to Anaemia. We don’t need a lot of manganese, but it is the micro mineral which is responsible for activating the enzyme system. Of course, the other Athletic Greens ingredients such as bromelain, and the cultures of probiotics, really do transform the Athletic Greens into the perfect superfood cocktail. They will help you to digest, and absorb, the vital micro minerals in Athletic Greens. Take a little closer look a t the product, and you will soon appreciate why the body can so quickly convert the ingredients found in Athletic Greens into energy. It is simple really, the body actually recognizes Athletic Greens as food, and that is the real trick of any natural supplement. “Let food be thy medicine” a wise man once said. Perhaps, we have finally found that medicine in Athletic Greens. athletic greens order