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Looking For Athletic Greens Reviews?

Then you have come to the right place. Our aim is to find those reviews so you can decide for yourself whether the athletic greens supplement is for you.
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Athletic Greens Reviews On Their Own Website

So first off let’s head over to the athletic greens own website. Yes I know you don’t trust those types of reviews and neither do we but we are taking their word for it when they say “Please note that no endorsement has ever been paid. Every testimonial has been made by a real person who has tried our product”. Don’t worry we have some others we have picked up from our review research. Here are a few from the official website from the famous and not so famous.

The first is from Isabel De Lios Rios who is actually a diet writer and author.

“I know I’m getting the highest quality vitamins,minerals and nutrition in just one delicious tablespoon each day”

 You can see her video where she explains all of this below.

Second off is Tim Ferriss who is best known as the author of the 4 day week.

“My favourite greens supplement. This is my all in one greens insurance policy. It contains 76 ingredients including inulin for bacterial balance

Let’s look at one from a not so famous contributor before we head out into the internet proper hunting for athletic greens reviews from folks who have definitely not been paid for them.


“Thank you Athletic Greens! I have been taking your product religiously and must say that because of it i have cut my recovery times in half…Really enjoying the flavor as well and have started to recommend to several friends”

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Athletic Greens Reviews On Forums

 So lets look for some reviews from folks on the internet itself. We haven’t looked at review sites but on forums and the like. These are much less likely to be paid or be expecting to be paid for their endorsements. It has to be said that athletic greens reviews are not that easy to find in all the shouting out there and we have tried to find a representative selection.


“I’ve been using Athletic Greens lately and really like it. It is a little pricey though.

Also Tim Ferriss still uses it, just asked him on Twitter last night, so gives me more reassurance”

Bjjcaveman advanced member

This person seems to have a digestive problem solved by Athletic Greens

“I just can’t imagine it tasting decent since it has no sugar/sweeteners and is full of all those vitamins/minerals/good for you stuff. What should I expect?

UPDATE: I’ve gotten mine and it’s actually pretty pleasant just mixing w/ water. Slightly sweet and maybe a little vanilla-ish. I don’t dread it like I figured I would.

Day 1- felt slightly strange about 15min after drinking it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Felt almost like I could be dizzy but I wasn’t dizzy…kind of like the buzz u get from drinking where u first begin to feel the buzz.It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, just different…

Day 2- same thing.

Day 3- same thing but less of the buzzy feeling, but I ate earlier, so that may have had something to do w/ it.

So it seems like it’s immediately making me more regular and more productive when I go”

Anjlyn  forum

athletic greens greenfood cocktail


“It has a vanilla taste to it and a natural sweetness that is fresh tasting. I do a double dose each day. I have tons of energy and I beat off a really bad cold on it and black elderberry syrup. You will enjoy it!”

TheFatYogi  4hbtalk forum

Athletic Greens Reviews On Amazon

A quick look at Amazon. Some of the questions are interesting and might well cover the point raised by Mr Caveman in the quote above.

Q “what is so different than any other super green food that costs almost $100 less than Athletic Greens?

A  “ I haven’t tried the others. I have used athletic greens for 5 years and feel they provide the results I need. They cost less than $100 a month, therefore cannot cost $100 more”

On the other hand another reviewer did say

“The ingredient list is impressive, however the cost is prohibitive and while I do feel as if I’m doing something good for my body and general health, the effects have not been substantial enough to merit such expenditure each month”

Price is clearly a consideration for some and we will tackle that thorny point later.

Another couple of reviews on what is a 4.5 stars out of 5 product:

“I feel so much better and the taste isn’t all that bad. I am a teacher’s aide and work closely with students, so I’m sick a lot. In October I was sick three out of four weeks but I haven’t had the flu since”

Renee L

“I love this powder. Great taste (of course compared to other similar), easy prep and refreshes my psyche when I take it in morning. One gripe on packaging is I don’t like plastic measuring spoon inside the powder, at least for me it gives a bad image”

Kiran Meduri

This just goes to show that for some folks the plastic measuring spoon could be an issue!

So the main thrust of the gripes in these athletic greens reviews is clearly the price (and the spoon of course). Let’s take a closer look at this.

The most common complaint in the reviews is obvious and it’s true this is not a cheap product. The price is high in comparison to some other green food supplements. However,you do need to look into the alternatives to see that it has the most well rounded formula and it’s all from non-allergen sources making up the athletic greens ingredients. It also has a much better taste than many of the others according to the testimonials AND it took ten years of research to get it to where it is today with research continuing to improve it.
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Athletic Greens also contains probiotics which, we are beginning to learn are essential to our overall digestive health and wellbeing. The solid mix of herbs, greens, minerals and vitamins make this a first for many seeking to improve their health. That said if its uniqueness is too expensive then you will give it a miss in any event but the selection of athletic greens reviews listed above should give you a flavor of this premium superfood cocktail and the advantages of taking it.

Athletic Greens reviews are on the whole very positive and this is a product which has grown more and more popular year by year. We have found reviews from independent reviewers and will continue to seek out reviews for you as we find them.

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